Susan J. ​​Nassuna​ 

Transform Your Life: Mindfulness & Writing For Wellness 6-Week Online Workshop

Dates: Monday, 19th October - Monday, 23rd Nov

Times: 18:30-20:30, Amsterdam Time

This transformative 6-week workshop will guide you through a blend of research-proven mindfulness practices and different types of writing techniques including Expressive writing, also known as Emotional writing, to help you heal trauma, overcome obstacles, and manage stressful life events and upheavals in a warm, safe, and supported environment.

Through the exercises and activities in this workshop, you'll give voice to the overwhelming aspects of life and yourself that you all too often suppress, ignore and repress, and make way for deep acceptance and integration.

In a deeply interactive space, you'll use a progression of mindfulness and writing techniques to address and process your feelings about your past experiences, so you can heal and release the old story that has been weighing you down, and move forward with your life.

No meditation or writing experience is required to participate and benefit from this workshop, just an open mind and your willingness to journey deeply within.

                         Limited Enrollment:

The workshop is limited to 10 places only! And fills up quickly, so please reserve your place as early as possible to not miss out on this life-transformative opportunity!

                         Workshop Details:

  • We'll meet weekly online live for 2 hours via Zoom on 6 consecutive Mondays (Contact me if you need help with setting this up).
  • Links to sign into the meetings will be delivered weekly by email.
  • Modules and instructions will be delivered weekly by email.
  • You're not required to share your personal writing with others (unless you choose to), what is shared with the group are your reflections on the impact the mindfulness practices and writing exercises is having on you.
  • I'll get in touch with you closer to the start date of the workshop with further details.
  • I'll be available for phone and email chats for the duration of the workshop, should you need extra support.

*Important Notice: This workshop is not therapy! The process of writing can bring up deeply buried memories and emotions, so please speak to an appropriate medical practitioner if you have past or current psychiatric disorders before signing up, as the workshop might not be suitable for you. I am not responsible for any personal problems that should arise during your participation in this workshop.