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     Susan J. Nassuna



My minimum time commitment to working with clients utilizing writing as a healing tool is six weeks.

But, this 60-minute introductory Writing for Wellness session gives you a sense of what it’s like to work with me and get a glimpse into the tremendous powers the practice of writing has to help you release and move through whatever is blocking your ability to experience the life you want to.

What to Expect:

During this introductory session, I’ll guide you into a state of relaxation through deep guided meditation to help activate and open your heart space - the portal to all universal wisdom.

And prepare you to tap into your inner healing resources to mindfully identify and release whatever is repressed within you and clear it out of your energetic system through the profound research-proven healing process of Expressive writing, also known as Emotional writing.

You’ll leave the session feeling relaxed, revitalized, and possibly inspired to commit to the extended eight-week program, which will not only aid you in healing traumas and pain from your past life but will also help you gain clarity about the next steps you

need to take in your transformation journey.

How it Works:

Use the book your session button at the bottom of this page to contact me, and you’ll receive the available dates and times slots and the payment link for your session via email within one working day.

The cost of the session is €150- (inc 21% VAT)

You can make your payment via direct bank transfer or PayPal.

*Please note your booking is only confirmed when your payment is received.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via the button below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.