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Susan J. Nassuna


Join Us In A Powerfully Guided Heart-Opening Meditation & Group Interactive Class To Help You Mindfully Navigate Challenging Life Transitions And Stressful Life Events And Upheavals.

Wherever you are in your life or whatever is going on, this powerful class will not only help you to deeply relax your mind and release repressed emotions and body stress and tension, but it will also help you to get clarity to what you want, and help you utilize your heart’s intuitive guidance to receive It.

This class is about connecting you with your Sacred Heart Space — the seat of Universal Divine Wisdom — whose innate intelligence already knows where you want to be and how to help you get there effortlessly.

Whether you are new to meditation or are a seasoned meditator, this class will help you unveil the deepest mysteries of your incredible heart and help shift your life towards more joy, inner peace, loving relationships, a deeper life purpose, and an overall sense of life satisfaction.

The focus will be on helping you let go of what might once have seemed useful to you, but no longer is, and may actually be holding you back.

And once that weight is lifted off you, you can replace the heavy emotions with more constructive ones, and begin to recreate your life narrative to reach your desired goals and fulfill your full life potential.

» Each class is a unique experience, and you will find a peaceful oasis of support, confidentiality, and a non-judgemental space where you can remove your masks and really be yourself for that one hour we will spend together.

» Wear very comfortable and warm clothes, as most participants find lying down on their backs during the heart-opening meditation helps them to really relax and easily open up their heart space.

» And remember that all you need to bring along is your willingness to journey deeply within and connect with like-minded others in a safe and sacred space.

*Please note: this class is not a substitute for medical or psychological advice, evaluation or treatment. If you have a history of serious psychiatric disorders, or have recently experienced trauma, then this class may not be suitable for you due to its deeply emotional nature which can trigger unwanted side effects for you. Please speak to an appropriate medical professional before signing up.

» By booking this class you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and are in agreement with the above statement.

Location: The Conscious Club - Zeeburgerpad 8, Amsterdam

Price: €15.50 // Available with your 10-ride pass, 5-ride pass and New Member Introduction Card. For OneFit & ClassPass members we have very limited spots available.



» The check-in closes 2 minutes before the start of each class with no exceptions. Make sure that you’re 10 minutes early to be able to enter, avoid queues and enjoy our classes.

» Please keep a 1,5-meter distance at all times and bring your own towel to cover the props.

» No face masks during class. We don’t allow face masks in our classrooms since it’s not safe to do your practice wearing one.

» Come fully dressed to ensure easy entry & exit. You can leave your belongings in the dressing area, but changing and showering are not permitted.

» Please put your phone on airplane mode during class and don't bring it onto the mat. You are welcome to leave any valuable items secured at our reception desk.

» Dress warmly. We need to ventilate our classrooms, so that means it can get a bit chilly. Make sure you’re dressed accordingly.

» You can find our entrance at the graffiti door. The door will be open 20 minutes before the start of your class

» If the door is locked then, unfortunately, you were too late to join the class. We always lock the door 2 minutes before the start to ensure an undisturbed practice, so make sure to be on time.

» We don't do refunds. You can cancel a class up to 8 hours before the start time in order to use your ticket again. In case of a later cancellation, you will be charged. Please be mindful when you book a spot as we have limited space available.