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     Susan J. Nassuna


"Happiness is a vine that takes root and grows within the heart, never outside it." - Khalil Gibran

๑ Sacred Heart Meditation Journey Every Monday from 18:30-20:30(CEST)

Location: Online and highly interactive via the Zoom video conferencing platform

Wherever you are in your life or whatever is going on, this powerful heart activation meditation and sharing circle will not only help you deeply relax your mind and release repressed emotions and body stress and tension, but it will also help you gain clarity about what you want, and help utilize your heart’s intuitive guidance to receive It.

Join us in these intimate group-size weekly sessions and discover the deep healing mysteries of your Heart from the comfort of your own home.

Relax, Restore and Replenish Your Mind, Body & Spirit in a Safe, Supportive, and Non-Judgmental Space.

Whether you are new to the practice of meditation or are a seasoned meditator, this profoundly immersive class will help you learn how to activate and open your Heart - the seat of all universal wisdom.

And unveil its most profound mysteries, helping you to shift your awareness from a state of anxiety and confusion into one of clarity, inner peace, relaxation, and inspiration.

This weekly class aims to help you get to the root cause of whatever is blocking you through the practice of quieting your mind and dropping into your Heart.

Which already knows where the blocks are within you and how you can mindfully release them out of your energetic system. Hence, you are free to experience deeper feelings of; joy, peace, purpose, and life satisfaction.

This weekly class offers you a peaceful and intimate oasis, where you'll meet your soul tribe and share your stories, experiences, and life reflections in a sacred and high vibrational space.

And together, form a supportive circle as you work on releasing and clearing out the trapped negative emotions, beliefs, old imposed stories, and energetic imprints that are weighing you down and keeping you awake at night.

Price: €15.50 // Please note your place is only confirmed when your payment is received. You can book for multiple sessions to ensure that you have spots in the upcoming classes, as I only offer 10 spots available per session.

You can make your payment via direct bank transfer or PayPal.


» The Zoom log-in closes 2 minutes before the start of each class with no exceptions. Make sure that you’re 10 minutes early to be able to enter, settle down, and prepare for your relaxation journey.

» Wear very comfortable clothes and make sure you have enough room to lay down for some exercises. Cushions and blankets come in handy, too, especially during the cold months.

» Please don't bring your phone into the class and make sure you will not be disrupted for the duration of the session, as my meditative guidance may lead you into a deep trance state and being shocked out of it by someone ringing your bell or entering the room may cause you unwanted side effects.

» The entrance into the session will be open 15 minutes before the start of your class

» If the session is locked, then, unfortunately, you were too late to join the class. I always close the session 2 minutes before the start to ensure an undisturbed practice, so be on time.

» I don't offer refunds. You can cancel a class up to 24 hours before the start time to use your ticket again. In case of a later cancellation, you will be charged. Please be mindful when you book a spot, as I have minimal space available.