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In 2017, my life irrevocably changed, when while being guided through a body scan meditation to help ease my intense chronic pain, I experienced a spontaneous Kundalini awakening—a phenomenal spiritual initiation—that not only instantaneously healed my decade-long pain, but also, opened wide my until then closed heart and I began experiencing a deep sense of love and oneness with everything around me.

I also began to receive profound spiritual guidance and transcendent wisdom downloads from a higher consciousness.

And with time, I unlocked some pretty amazing spiritual abilities, such as; being able to easily access super altered states of consciousness, especially during meditation or when out walking in nature (which I do regularly to ground myself), and very interestingly, acquired intuitive healing and energy channeling abilities that I now use in all my client work.

But most importantly, as I continued on my spiritual path, I went from being a perpetually stressed-out, anxious, depressed and deeply frustrated person, to becoming calmer, balanced, contented, light-hearted, loving, and free!

Free to be my authentic self, and free to live my life guided by my heart's own intuitiveness, rather than based on the false ideals, beliefs, and imposed narratives, that are deemed to be the source of happiness and success by our modern society.

And through that tremendous journey, my life's mission became very clear to me...

I'm a lightworker, and I'm here to hold space for others and help guide them through the deeply challenging, but superbly transformative process of facing and overcoming their pain, traumas, and fears, and in so doing, shift their state of awareness out of the dark and into the light.


Whether you want to learn new ways to break draining habits such as; habitual negative thinking, self-criticism, people pleasing, fear of rejection, being triggered in certain situations and more.

Or, you need help in healing old wounds and letting go of useless relationships, while healing those with people that are in alignment with your highest good. Then, I'd love to work with you and help you achieve that and so much more!

So, if my story and mission resonate with your heart and you'd like to take the plunge and work with me, or if you have any questions or requests regarding my services, please contact me using the button below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you for connecting with me!

With Love;

Susan J. Nassuna