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     Susan J. Nassuna


"New Beginnings Are Often Disguised As Painful Endings." - Lao Tzu.

Are you feeling stuck, lost, or overwhelmed?

Or, is there an energetic pattern holding you in place and blocking your ability to experience a greater sense of joy, inner peace, inspiration, or life satisfaction?

If this rings true, then chances are something deep within you is trying to get your attention.

Discover a unique inner-healing journey that is a perfect way to uncover this root cause seeking your attention. And work on following that calling to pursue your inner truth, healing, and life transformation.


These sessions are accessible for everyone, whether you have no meditation experience or are an experienced meditator.

All you have to do during the sessions is surrender to my expert intuitive guidance and immerse yourself in the healing vibrations from the Divine Source Energy that I channel. 

To help you receive guidance and messages from higher consciousness to help you identify and clear out the trapped traumas, emotions, and negative energetic imprints blocking you from healing old wounds, awakening to your life's purpose, and fulfilling your highest potential.

We will begin our journey with light breathwork and a profound heart-opening meditation to create an energetic coherence between us and the higher consciousness whose healing energy I will be a vessel for your benefit.

During the session, you will be brought back into an aligned state of balance, lightness, and a renewed energy that will leave you feeling calmer, more relaxed, and inspired to re-create your life. 

So you can start living your life from a high vibrational state of love and deep trust instead of fear, anxiety, and doubt.

After our session ends, you'll receive a PDF post-session roadmap within one working day with tips and exercises to help you integrate and maximize our work together moving forward.

» And while we can accomplish much in one session, for some people, it's helpful to continue with this work, and the number of sessions necessary to fulfill your needs will depend on your position and current life challenges. 

» Please be on time for your session, because If you're later than five minutes, I can't promise to give you the complete treatment you booked for, and as such,  I'll have to cancel and count your appointment as a "no-show." Unfortunately, you'll be charged in full for your session if this happens.


The InnerFlow Intuitive Healing Sessions are not substitutes for medical advice, evaluation, or treatment. 

They are for relaxation and self-help purposes only. 

Suppose you have severe mental health issues or have recently experienced trauma, then these deeply emotional sessions may not suit you as they may trigger unwanted side effects for you.

Please speak to a qualified medical professional to seek advice on whether you should sign-up for these sessions.


60 Mins: €150 (inc 21%VAT)

If you're interested in booking more than two sessions, contact me to receive significant discounts on packages of 4, 6, or more sessions.