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                                         "The Purpose Of Our Lives Is To Be Happy." - Dalai Lama

Discover a simple, actionable and highly effective approach to help you manage and overcome trauma and stressful life challenges (past and present), find healing and meaning, and become clear on your life's purpose and mission, in a safe, loving and confidential space.


The InnerFlow Premium Coaching Program is an online private, one-on-one 8-week deeply transformative journey for those who have experienced or are experiencing challenging and painful life events, and are committed to the journey of releasing the trapped negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and energetic imprints and attachments, that are limiting their ability to experience joy, peace, balance, and a sense of self-love, meaning and purpose.


Over a course of 8 weeks, you'll receive weekly 2h coaching sessions with me via the Zoom video conferencing platform, where I'll utilize both my scientific-based knowledge and training, along with my intuitive spiritual gifts to help guide you from a place of pain, overwhelm, confusion, and anxiety into one of clarity, mindfulness, balance, relaxation, gratitude, forgiveness, and a great sense of purpose and life mission.

The program is not designed to be a one size fits all, but is tailored to promote a successful outcome for you depending on your own personal needs, experiences, current state of mind, and long-term life expectations.

I'll utilize the gift of my intuitiveness to choose tools that are best suited for your goals, and these could include all or a combination of the following practices:

Mindfulness and Deep Guided Meditations

Various Therapeutic Writing forms such as; Expressive writing, Affirmative writing, Poetic writing, and many more!

Storytelling and Deep Conscious Conversations

Cleansing and Balancing Your Energy Levels through the power of Intuitive Healing

Breathwork to Help You Tap Into The Great Energy Force That's Within You.

And Mindful Movement To Release Stuck and Stagnant Energies.​

In between sessions, you'll receive weekly assignments depending on the specific tools we've chosen to utilize to help accelerate your healing and transformation work.

These assignments may include writing exercises, guided meditations, visualizations, and more.

And you are free to contact me in between sessions if you feel stuck while practising a particular assignment or if you need extra support as the work can be very emotionally challenging.​


» Learn how to quiet your mind and control your emotions by letting go of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and old imposed stories.

» Heal your core emotional wounds and make peace with your past.

»Transform your doubts and fears into clear actionable steps to help you break depleting habits. 

» Discover your hidden gifts and talents to fuel your life's purpose and mission.

» Get clear on the steps you need to take to achieve your life's goals and mission.

» Restore your sense of life balance and reclaim your innate ability to experience a deep sense of life satisfaction regardless of your outer circumstances.

» Release the negative energetic imprints and attachments that are blocking your ability to bring your desires and dreams into fruition.

» Cultivate the qualities of Mindfulness, Resilience, and Courage, to help you cope and thrive during times of difficulty and transition.

» Heal important relationships in your life and let go of those that are not in alignment with your highest good.

» Get very clear on what YOU want out of your life and stop living for validation from others or from a state of fear and confusion.


» The InnerFlow Premium Coaching Program is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, evaluation, or treatment. If you have a history of severe mental health issues or have recently experienced trauma, please speak to a qualified medical professional to seek advice whether this program is suitable for you, as the exercises and practices used often uncover deeply buried memories that could trigger unwanted effects for you.

» You must be ready to take responsibility for your life. I can guide and assist you on your journey of healing and recovery, but I can't take responsibility for you. If you have a mindset of victimization and are determined to hold others responsible for your life, then there's not much I can do to help you, because being able to take responsibility is the first step towards healing and transformation.

» And finally, to benefit from working with me, you should not be a strict or rigid person who takes life so seriously, because my style of coaching is very informal. And our sessions together will feel more like two friends having an intimate chat, rather than stiff and formal appointments. I'm very cheeky and use lots of humor, along with sharing my own life stories and experiences. So if you are searching for a more formal and strict way of coaching, then I'm not the right coach for you.


The cost of the 8-week InnerFlow Premium Coaching Program is: € 997,- (Inc 21% VAT).

*Payment in instalments is possible. Contact me if you want to arrange this payment option.

I strongly urge you to first read my cancellation and refund policy before signing-up for this program.