Relax Your Mind And Body, Reconnect With Your Heart & Restore Your Spirit

Within your heart is an immense intuitive guidance that you may not have been taught to access, that has always been waiting for you to connect with it, and through it, heal from any challenge and find deep purpose and fulfilment in your life.

Many of us are cut off from our heart-space — the seat of love and wisdom, and instead, operate our lives form our head-space, the source of fear and insecurities. And until we learn how to drop from our mind and into our heart, we are bound to continue searching for happiness, love, and overall life satisfaction outside of our own selves, to no avail. 

Because all we are searching for is already within us...we just have to learn how to access it.

This Heart-Reconnection weekend workshop is designed to help you calm your mind, reconnect with your heart's intuitive guidance, and communicate and share your stories and experiences with others in a small and imitate group from the comfort of your own home.

The Workshop Is For You If;

  • You're feeling stressed-out, anxious about the future, depressed, overwhelmed, frustrated and more.
  • You want to wake up and start living a conscious and connected life.
  • You want to learn how to let go of the past and how to re-write your life story.
  • You are keen to connect with others and share your stories and experiences in a warm, safe, and supportive environment.
  • You're curious about using writing or meditation as tools for self-care and healing.
  • You just want to connect with others in a positively charged energetic space.

Workshop schedule: Time Is (CET) (GMT+1)

Day 1:  Friday, Dec 11, 2020 

18:30-20:30 - Introduction

Day 2:  Saturday, Dec 12

11:00-13:30 - Deep Guided Heart Opening Meditation Session + Expressive Writing Session + Group Sharing Circle

13:30-14:30 - Break

14:30-17:00 - Heart Coherence Meditation + Compassion Writing Session + Group Sharing Circle

Day 3: Sunday, Dec 13

11:00-13:30 - Loving-Kindness Meditation Session + Forgiveness Writing Session + Group Sharing circle

13:30-14:30 - Break

14-30-17:00 - Deep Guided Meditation For New Beginnings + Manifestation Writing Session + Closing Group Sharing and Blessing.

Cost: € 197

Good To Know:

» The workshop is limited to 10 people only! So please reserve your spot as early as possible. We will meet on the Zoom platform and the login links will be sent to you via email a day prior to the start of the workshop.

» Remember to wear very comfortable clothes and to avoid eating a heavy meal at least 2 hours before the sessions start.

» Have your note book and pen ready.

» Your personal writing is not shared with the group unless you choose to share. What is shared are your reflections on the impact the writing is having on you.

* Please note, this workshop is not a substitute for medical or psychological advice, evaluation or treatment. If you have a history of serious psychological conditions, or have recently experienced trauma, then this workshop may not be suitable for you due to the deeply emotional writing and meditation exercises that may trigger unwanted effects for you. Speak to an appropriate medical professional for advice before signing up.

» By booking this workshop you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and are in agreement with the above statement.