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        Susan J​. Nassuna


"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings." - Lao Tzu

Did you know that one of the significant sources of our suffering is having a closed heart?

Due to traumas and other painful experiences, many of us have built walls around our hearts to defend ourselves against feeling pain.

Yet, unfortunately, by doing this, we unconsciously cause more pain to ourselves by cutting off our connection with our innate sense of intuition and guidance from the universe.

Because the heart-space is our direct portal to the source of wisdom and unconditional love, we must fuel our lives and live joyfully.

What to Expect:

During your Heart Healing session, I facilitate healing on your heart energy center (Chakra) by guiding you through a profound heart-opening meditation and deep intuitive healing journey.

To release repressed negative, stressful, and toxic thoughts, emotions, energetic imprints and attachments, and outdated beliefs and narratives keeping you from healing your pain and trauma and moving forward.

This intuitive and energetic healing process will help break down the walls around your heart and reactivate connection with your heart's intuitive guidance - the direct portal to higher consciousness.

Which already knows your deepest longings and how to help you manifest them if you can learn how to listen to its infallible guidance and open up to giving and receiving unconditional love without fear or resistance.

Letting go of fear and resistance allows more clarity and ease in healing from any challenge, re-creating your life, and experiencing more joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and commitment.

Good to Know:

» The heart healing sessions are held via Zoom. And I'll email your meeting login link and tips and advice on preparing for your session one day before your scheduled appointment. 

» For the session, be in a safe and comfortable space where you'll not be disturbed. And ideally, have enough space to lay down on your back supported by comfortable cushions and be able to use headphones or a speaker to follow my skillful guidance and immerse yourself in the healing energy vibrations I'll be intuitively directing to you. 

» Have a journal or paper and a pen at hand as you'll be writing therapeutically along with the other exercises to help open your heart and release any energetic stagnation and suppressed emotions. 

» At the end of your session, you'll be able to ask specific questions and receive insight and guidance to help you integrate and maximize our work together moving forward.

 » While we can accomplish much in one session, for some people, it's helpful to continue with this work for a more extended period, and that's why I offer discounted session packages, so you can choose what option best fits your personal needs.

But I recommend you first sign-up for one session before deciding whether to book more sessions.


The Heart Healing Sessions are not substitutes for medical advice, evaluation, or treatment.

Suppose you have severe mental health issues or have recently experienced trauma. These profoundly emotional sessions may not suit you as they may trigger unwanted side effects. If in doubt, please speak to a qualified mental health professional to seek advice on signing up for these sessions.


One session of 60 Mins: €105 

Three sessions of 60 Mins: €300 

Six sessions of 60 Mins: €570