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Mindfulness & Writing For Wellness Gift Cards: Words That Heal

Treat your loved one with the gift of Mindfulness and Writing For Wellness and help them to become more present in everyday life, cope better with challenging life situations, reduce stress, anxiety, grief, fear and more and increase feelings of calm, inner peace, clarity, personal resilience and so much more! 

1 x Private Online Mindfulness & Writing For Wellness Session 

Costs: € 199,- (Inc 21% VAT)

4 x Private Online Mindfulness &  Writing For Wellness Sessions

Costs: € 750,- (Inc 21% VAT)

6 x Private Online Mindfulness & Writing For Wellness Sessions

Costs: € 1,075,- (Inc 21%VAT)

                                How It Works

  • You choose the gift card option you want to buy below and fill in your details and the details of the person you're buying the gift card for.
  • I'll send you the gift card payment link within 24hrs.
  • Your gift card purchase is confirmed when I receive your payment.
  • I will then send you a link via which the person you bought the gift card for can contact me to schedule their one hour session(s).

Contact me if you have questions or need more information regarding my gift card service and I'll get back to you within 24hrs.