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        Susan J​. Nassuna



Release the repressed energetic imprints and attachments blocking you from bringing your dreams and goals to fruition. And create space within you to start manifesting a joyful, abundant, and radiant life.

The LiveStream Deep Intuitive Energy Healing sessions I offer are potent opportunities to tap into the life source energy within you to help release and clear out the blocks that are keeping you stuck in a low vibrational state of being riddled with feelings of; fear, grief, overwhelm, pain, panic, anxiety, doubt, confusion, and so much more.


Intuitive Energy Healing is an ancient practice through which we can heal and transform our lives and those of others utilizing the life force healing energy within us.

 And restore our energetic system to optimal functioning so we can experience a renewed sense of energy, clarity, peacefulness, and a new zest to pursue a meaningful and purposeful life.

*There is no requirement for a belief system or meditation experience to benefit from this profoundly restorative and life-transformative practice.

And since we are energetic beings and energy is quantum and moves beyond time and space, my LiveStream remote sessions are as powerful as in-person.


We'll open the session by discussing your current feelings and general state of being, after which I'll invite you to lie down on your back on a comfortable support such as; a yoga mat propped up with cushions or your bed, even in a field of grass.

Once settled, I will guide you through a deep relaxation meditation to help calm the tension in your mind and body as you fully immerse yourself in the healing energetic vibrations that I'll be intuitively channeling from higher consciousness for the benefit of clearing, rebalancing, and restoring your energetic system.

I will scan your body for stuck energetic imprints and attachments and assist you through the process of releasing and clearing out the repressed trauma, negative thoughts, and emotions, along with the old imposed beliefs and outdated narratives that are weighing you down and keeping you from living a life that is in alignment with your highest good.

During the session, you might experience various sensations, such as; feeling cold or warm, tingling, seeing colors, having visions, and spontaneous body movements. All these sensations are perfectly safe. You have nothing to worry about as I am a highly experienced spiritual guide and Intuitive healer, among many other things.

I'm super experienced in holding safe, supportive, and sacred spaces for people from all around the world, in person and virtually.

Expect to leave the session in a more aligned state of being, characterized by a profound sense of relaxation, relief, calmness, balance, and renewed energy.

Before we close the session, you will have time to share your experience, ask any questions, and receive insightful answers and constructive advice to help you integrate and maximize our work together moving forward.

Good to Know:

» The Intuitive Energy Healing sessions are held via Zoom in real time and are deeply interactive. I'll email your Zoom meeting login link one day before our appointment. And send you helpful tips to help you prepare for your session.

» While we can accomplish much in one session, for some people, it's helpful to continue with this work for a more extended period, and that's why I offer discounted session packages, so you can choose what option best fits your personal needs.

But I recommend you first sign-up for one session before deciding whether to book more sessions.


The Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions are not substitutes for medical advice, evaluation, or treatment.

Suppose you have severe mental health issues or have recently experienced trauma. These profoundly emotional sessions may not suit you as they may trigger unwanted side effects. If in doubt, please speak to a medical professional to seek advice on whether you should sign-up for these sessions.


One session of 60 Mins: €105

Three sessions of 60 Mins: €300

Six sessions of 60 Mins: €570