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Susan J. Nassuna

Coaching + Guidance to Solve Your Biggest Life Challenges

In a safe and non-judgmental space, learn the tools necessary to tap into your own inner wisdom to help you connect with your higher self, open your heart, cultivate inner peace, and alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.

Who Single Sessions are for:

» You're curious about using the tools of Therapeutic Writing, Meditation and Mindfulness, Storytelling and Deep Conscious Conversations to overcome life challenges and emotional upheavals.

» You're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or lost and need guidance to help get you out of your rut, and get clear about your intentions and how to release them into the universe with reverence, so you can start creating the life you want.

» You're feeling down and need a quick and effective proven practice to help pick you up and boost your mood.

» You've tried more traditional therapies to no avail, and are now open to exploring a new approach of healing 

based on both scientific and spiritual concepts and practices.

» You're too busy to commit to a longer coaching program, so you choose to have a session here and there.

» You're ready to follow through on the effective and actionable advice that I will give you.

How it Works:

» You complete and submit the short diagnostic questionnaire below.

» I'll get back to you within 1 working day to schedule your 60 mins or 90 mins online coaching session.

» When your session is scheduled, you'll receive a payment link for the session. Please note, your session will only be confirmed after your payment is received.

» You'll receive the Zoom meeting login link a day prior to our meeting.

» After our session, you'll receive a PDF post-session roadmap with tips and exercises to help you maximize our work together and assist you on moving forward.   

What is Your Investment?

» The cost of the InnerFlow Customized single session is:  

  • € 125 (Inc VAT) for 60 mins.
  • € 175 (Inc VAT) for 90 mins.

» You have an option to book for two or more sessions if you need more in-depth coaching and guidance.