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workplace meditation & writing for wellness program

                                            "Mastering Others Is Strength, Mastering Yourself Is True Power."

                                                                                      Lao Tzu

Are you looking for a creative and transformative wellness program for your team or organization?

Then, my Workplace Meditation and Writing for Wellness Program is perfect for you!

I offer online and in-person training in the research-proven techniques of Writing for Wellness, Meditation and Mindfulness, Storytelling, and Healing Breathwork to promote mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of employees and executives for companies and organizations within the Netherlands and across the world.

My life-transformative corporate program is consciously designed to help participants:

  • Heal trauma and emotional upheavals
  • Let go of old imposed stories that are a major cause of suffering
  • Overcome the exhausting habit of overthinking and rumination
  • Manage and overcome feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, and grief
  • Prevent burn-out
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Sleep better
  • Cultivate resilience to help combat low-moods and poor self-esteem
  • Boost the immune system
  • Nourish feelings of inner calm and peace
  • Empower self-expression and creativity
  • Cultivate self-love and compassion
  • Cultivate healthy personal and professional boundaries
  • Improve listening and interpersonal communication skills
  • Improve relationships and team work spirit
  • Recognize and more skillfully deal with distraction, perfectionism, and procrastination

The program can be tailored to fit your group/company's unique objectives or goals and can vary in length from 2 hour introductory events to weekend retreats, or longer workshops.

The workshops can be hosted on-site at your offices, online (via Zoom video conferencing platform), or at another agreed upon location in your city such as a wellness center or yoga studio.

No writing or meditation experience is needed to benefit from the program. All that is required is an individual's willingness to journey deeply inwards.

here are some program theme examples:

  • Introduction To Mindfulness For Stress Management
  • Mindfulness & Writing For Well-Being
  • Writing To Heal Trauma And Emotional Upheavals
  • Meditation & Breathwork for stress relief
  • Writing For Mindful Communication
  • Writing And Meditation For Improved Mental Health
  • Mindfulness And Storytelling For Peer Support & Team Building
  • Writing For Goal Setting & Visualizing Desired Outcomes
  • Meditation & Writing to cultivate Self-love and Compassion

The program can also be customized for one-on-one coaching for company executives and business managers.

*It is good to note, I don't offer standard price packages as each project I work on is uniquely tailored and delivered to meet each group's unique objectives. The total cost of the program for your group will depend on the number of participants attending, the duration of the workshop, and the location where the workshop will be hosted.

Please use the contact button below to schedule a consultation meeting to discuss how we can work together or if you require more information about the program.

I'll be very delighted to hear from you!