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Susan J. Nassuna


When you make a booking for an event, you will receive an email with a payment link for your booking within 1 working day. Please note, your place in the class, workshop, or any other event you signed up for will only be confirmed when your payment is received. You can make your payment through direct bank transfer or via Paypal.

If I need to cancel an event for any reason, I may do so at anytime before the event is scheduled to begin. If this happens you'll have an option of receiving your refund in full or reserve a place in the replacement class or workshop without any extra charge.

Please note that I have limited space in my classes, workshops or trainings, so when you make a booking for one of my offerings, I reserve and set aside a specific place for you. This means that unfortunately, if you cancel your booking closer to the scheduled start date of an event, I cannot always offer refunds. 

I do however offer an exchange of date option wherever this is feasible. My cancellation policy varies by the type of offering as follows:

                       Classes, 1-day workshops or trainings.

These events are non-refundable if you change your mind or cannot attend. However I host these events regularly, so there is no need to miss out: for no extra charge, you can sign up for another upcoming class, workshop or training. 

If you cannot attend an event, you welcome to offer your spot to a friend or family member, just be sure to inform me of this via email and give me the details of the person to whom you've transferred your place. 

                   6 Week Workshops and Longer Workshops

If you book a spot in my 6 week workshops, you can cancel your booking free of charge upto 14 days before the scheduled start date. However, if you cancel your booking with in 14 days before the start date, you will not receive a refund. But since I host these workshops regularly throughout the year, you're welcome to sign up for another workshop at any time for no extra charge. 

If you book a spot in any workshop that is longer than 6 weeks, you can cancel your booking free of charge upto 21 days before the start of the scheduled date. If you cancel your booking within 21 days no refund will be offered. However, you are welcome to sign up for another workshop at your convenience without extra charge.


                     Private One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Please note that once your private coaching appointment time and date have been confirmed, I have a forty-eight hour cancellation policy. 

For any private coaching or private meditation sessions cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, no refund or replacement session will be offered.

If you book for multiple private coaching or meditation sessions, or if you sign up for my 8-week InnerFlow Premium Coaching Program and decide to cancel your whole booking after one session, you will receive your refund minus the cost of your attended session and a € 100 handling charge. 

If you cancel your whole booking upto 21 days before your scheduled start date, you will receive your full refund. However, if you cancel your booking within 21 days before your scheduled start date, you will be charged 30% of your bookings fee. 


In some cases I can offer you a full refund at my own discretion if you make a late cancellation due to a serious unforeseeable circumstance such as falling ill, losing a loved one or any other serious life event. If you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation, you can contact me via email and I will see what I can do for you.

If you have any questions or need any clarification regarding my Bookings & Cancellation policy, please contact me below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.